Print Register Control System

We offer a comprehensive lineup of register controllers meticulously crafted for a wide range of applications, including rotogravure, flexographic, offset, and coating processes, both inline and offline. These controllers empower users to seamlessly manage and uphold print registration, resulting in optimal efficiency and print quality while minimising material wastage. We provide both OEM solutions and retrofit options to suit your specific needs.


What is the use of register control system?
Register control systems are used to define errors in colour position and advance or retard the film or cylinder precisely to maintain position of each colour on the printing machine. This ensures perfect print registration.
How does the register control system work?
A register mark with predefined size and shape is printed for each colour. The fiber optic sensors positioned station two onwards, measure the distance between two subsequent colours. An error signal is generated to advance/retard the film or cylinder, to achieve perfect registration.
What types of registration marks require detecting by the sensor in printing process?
The common types of registration marks include triangular and rectangular. The size is universal and predefined.
What are the various factors causing misalignment or misregistration of color in printing process?
Several factors can contribute to misregistration. Some factors include, tension control, inconsistent substrate properties, impression roller hardness, ink and solvent properties, and film shrinking/stretching.
What electrical precautions are essential for proper functioning of register control system?
The control and power cables must be routed separately, properly grounded, and shielded to protect the system from electromagnetic interference.

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